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BloomChic is a pioneering online plus-size fashion brand seeking to revolutionize the industry. At its core, BloomChic aims to create an empowering, uplifting shopping experience for mid- and plus-size women.

The brand was founded on the principles of empathetic design, inclusivity, and customer-centricity. Unlike many fashion retailers, BloomChic starts the design process by deeply understanding the needs, frustrations, and aspirations of their core customer. Their apparel is thoughtfully crafted to master fit, comfort, and functionality for sizes 14-34.

Beyond just size inclusivity, BloomChic is challenging traditional beauty standards and celebrating the diversity of women. Their goal is to redefine societal beauty norms and inspire self-love. The brand approaches fashion as a powerful medium for building confidence, expressing identity, and spreading joy.

With its digital-first model, BloomChic is leveraging technology to increase access to thoughtfully designed plus-size apparel. The company aims to revolutionize the space by delivering unprecedented variety, quality, and convenience. Recently, BloomChic received notable investment from L Catterton, highlighting the immense growth potential in the underserved plus-size market.

At its heart, BloomChic is a brand built on empathy, integrity, and passion. They are pioneering a new paradigm for plus-size fashion that focuses on creating uplifting customer experiences and building an inclusive community.

Empathetic Design

Bloomchic was founded on the principle of empathetic design, focusing specifically on mastering fit, comfort, and functionality for mid- and plus-size women. For too long, plus-size fashion has been an afterthought, with ill-fitting designs that lack thoughtful construction. Bloomchic is challenging the status quo by putting the plus-size customer at the heart of the design process.

The brand’s patterns are drafted from scratch, engineered based on real women’s bodies across a spectrum of sizes. This meticulous approach ensures consistent fit and proportion across all sizes. The design team obsesses over the nuances that affect comfort – elements like seam placement, fabric stretch, and garment ease. Every detail is optimized so the wearer feels their best.

Functionality is also paramount. The designs incorporate clever elements like tummy control panels, adjustable straps, and reinforced seams that enhance both comfort and style. Throughout the process, the team leverages customer feedback and fit clinics to refine the patterns and construction. This empathetic, customer-first method results in impeccably fitting designs that celebrate, rather than hide, the body.

Challenging Beauty Norms

Bloomchic aims to redefine conventional beauty standards and celebrate diversity in fashion. As a brand designed for mid- and plus-size women, it recognizes that the fashion industry has long promoted a narrow definition of beauty that excludes a majority of women. Bloomchic seeks to challenge the notion that certain body types can’t be fashionable or attractive.

The brand offers stylish, figure-flattering designs in an inclusive range of sizes. Its collections showcase the beauty and style of mid- and plus-size women, presenting them as diverse, confident, and empowered. Rather than making them conform to unrealistic ideals, Bloomchic meets these women where they are. The company believes that beauty comes in all sizes.

By expanding representation in its models, social media, and marketing, Bloomchic promotes a more holistic and accepting view of beauty. The models chosen reflect the diversity of real women. The goal is for customers to see themselves represented and feel recognized. This celebrates the innate beauty in women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds.

Bloomchic’s inclusive vision of beauty also translates into the design process. The patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes flatter a variety of body types. This allows customers to feel attractive and stylish, rather than constrained by their size. The focus stays on comfort, confidence, and celebrating every woman. By redefining beauty standards, Bloomchic aims to empower mid- and plus-size women.

Customer-Centric Approach

Bloomchic has built its success around a customer-centric approach, designing styles specifically with the mid- and plus-size woman’s experience in mind. Unlike many fashion brands that simply size up designs made for straight sizes, Bloomchic starts the design process by considering the needs, pain points, and preferences of their core customer.

For example, the brand conducts in-depth customer research to understand common fit issues in plus-size apparel, such as gapping at the waist and bust or restrictive armholes. With these insights, Bloomchic’s designers can craft patterns and select fabrics that address these problems areas. The result is an impeccably fitting garment that caters to the curves and proportions of a plus-size figure.

Beyond fit, Bloomchic also taps into customer insights around style preferences, lifestyle needs, and shopping motivations. This enables them to offer an extensive range of on-trend, versatile pieces suited for both casual everyday wear and special occasions. By putting the plus-size woman at the heart of the design process, Bloomchic has built an authentic connection with customers who feel seen, heard, and catered to.

Inclusive Sizing

BloomChic offers an exceptionally inclusive size range, providing options from size 12 to 36, along with petite and tall sizing. This extensive range ensures customers can find the perfect fit for their body shape and size needs.

Rather than viewing plus-sizes as an afterthought or extension of straight sizes, BloomChic has designed their entire size range specifically for the curves and proportions of midsize and plus-size bodies. Their fit experts have conducted in-depth analysis on how curves change across extended sizes, incorporating this into their pattern making and garment construction.

By starting with size inclusivity as a core principle, BloomChic is able to offer an unmatched level of comfort, support, and functionality. Their size range surpasses most plus-size brands, meeting the needs of a diverse customer base. Finding fashionable, high quality clothing in sizes beyond the standard 0-12 range can be difficult, but BloomChic is working to change that.

BloomChic’s commitment to inclusive sizing stems from a recognition that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and customers deserve access to stylish clothing regardless of their size. Their expanded size range allows them to celebrate the diversity of beauty in all women.

Quality and Variety

Bloomchic prides itself on the quality and attention to detail of each garment, using high-end fabrics and construction to create pieces that last. Unlike fast fashion brands, durability and craftsmanship are prioritized.

The product team carefully curates each seasonal collection to offer diverse styles for all occasions, from office attire to evening gowns. With options ranging from casual dresses and jumpsuits to more formal blazers and trousers, customers can build a versatile wardrobe.

Understanding that plus-size women have been underserved when it comes to style options, Bloomchic makes it a point to provide unique, on-trend pieces instead of limiting selections. Their buyers search for interesting details like bold prints, intricate lace, and asymmetrical cuts that make getting dressed each morning fun and creative.

By combining exceptional quality with expansive variety, Bloomchic aims to give mid- and plus-size women the same delightful experience of personal style as straight-size fashion, moving beyond outdated assumptions.

Brand Values

Bloomchic’s brand values reflect the company’s core beliefs and guide every aspect of their business. These values shape how Bloomchic interacts with customers, approaches product design, and makes business decisions.


Integrity is paramount at Bloomchic. They are committed to honesty, dependability, transparency, and high ethical standards in all their practices. Customers can trust Bloomchic products to match their descriptions and marketing.


Love drives Bloomchic’s interactions with customers. They focus on cultivating an atmosphere of warmth, care, and genuine human connection. Customer service staff are trained to be empathetic, thoughtful, and helpful.


Bloomchic has passion for understanding the customer’s needs and wants. They pour this passion into delivering apparel that brings women joy. Their designers are dedicated to creating pieces that fit well, feel comfortable, and boost confidence.


Bloomchic pursues innovation in technologies and production approaches. They aim to revolutionize plus-size fashion by leveraging new techniques. This innovative spirit will enable them to better serve customers.


Bloomchic thinks long-term, considering how choices today impact the future. They emphasize sustainability through eco-friendly materials, ethical factories, and recycling initiatives. These practices reflect their commitment to lasting positive change.

Digital-First Model

Bloomchic utilizes a digital-first approach that revolutionizes the traditional supply chain for plus-size fashion. At the core is an agile, on-demand system that allows the company to respond swiftly to customer needs and bring designs to market faster than the industry standard.

By integrating advanced data analytics with its supply chain, Bloomchic gains real-time visibility into trends, enabling better demand forecasting. This allows the company to order materials and initiate production based precisely on current customer preferences.

The on-demand model also minimizes excess inventory. Traditional retailers rely on estimating demand months in advance, frequently leading to overstock issues. Bloomchic’s system produces garments after an order is placed, reducing waste.

This lean, data-driven supply chain gives Bloomchic unmatched speed and flexibility. As customer preferences shift, the company can quickly tweak designs and fabrics accordingly. New styles move from concept to availability in weeks rather than months.

Bloomchic passes these supply chain advantages directly to the customer. Shoppers enjoy access to a rapidly updated, trend-aware collection of inclusive fashions. The digital-first approach allows Bloomchic to provide unprecedented variety, responsiveness and access in plus-size apparel.

Investment and Growth

BloomChic recently received a significant investment from L Catterton, the largest consumer-focused private equity firm in the world. This investment highlights the immense potential and projected growth for the plus-size fashion market that BloomChic is helping drive.

L Catterton brings immense expertise in building consumer-focused brands globally, with investments in companies like Peloton, Vroom, and ClassPass. Their partnership validates the increasing demand for inclusive, beautifully designed plus-size fashion that BloomChic provides.

The new capital will allow BloomChic to expand its operations, enhance its digital platform and supply chain, and reach more customers. As a digital-first company, BloomChic is poised to leverage data and analytics to revolutionize fit and style for the plus-size customer. L Catterton’s investment enables the company to accelerate development of proprietary fit technology while expanding its design team.

With the plus-size apparel market expected to grow at twice the rate of straight-size fashion, L Catterton sees immense potential in BloomChic’s mission. The company is now positioned to scale rapidly and achieve its vision of transforming the plus-size fashion landscape. This injection of growth capital reinforces BloomChic’s leadership in modernizing and elevating the plus-size shopping experience.

Community Engagement

Bloomchic is dedicated to building an inclusive and empowering community for plus-size women. A key part of this effort is their monthly customer spotlights, where they share inspirational stories from women within their community.

These documentary-style videos provide an intimate look into the lives of diverse plus-size women. By celebrating real women of all ages, backgrounds and styles, it helps foster acceptance and pride. The videos highlight their wisdom, confidence and beauty – challenging restrictive beauty norms.

Beyond the spotlights, Bloomchic takes a community-centered approach in everything they do. Their goal is to make fashion accessible, welcoming and empowering. They listen closely to customer feedback and needs, ensuring the shopping experience is thoughtful and enjoyable.

The community focus also shines through in their campaigns, partnerships and events. By bringing women together around style and self-love, they aim to shift perspectives and create lasting social change. Bloomchic is committed to building an inclusive space where plus-size women can express themselves freely.