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    Hello Molly Reviews

    Hello Molly is an Australian online women’s fashion retailer that sells dresses, tops, pants, swimwear, accessories, and more. The brand has become quite popular in recent years for its trendy and affordable clothing. In this article, we will be reviewing and analyzing Hello Molly reviews from customers to provide an in-depth look at the pros and cons of shopping with this retailer.

    Positive Reviews

    Hello Molly has received many positive reviews from satisfied customers. The reviews frequently mention the great customer service, reasonable pricing, fast shipping times, and high quality of the clothes and fabrics.

    Customers consistently praise the friendly and responsive customer service team that is quick to help with any issues or questions. Many mention how the customer service goes above and beyond to make the shopping experience enjoyable.

    The prices and value offered by Hello Molly are also highlighted positively in reviews. Customers feel they are getting designer quality clothes for an affordable price point. There are frequent sales and discount codes available as well.

    Shipping is fast, with most customers receiving orders within 3-5 business days. The shipping packaging is secure and protects the items. Customers appreciate the fast fulfillment and delivery.

    The quality of the clothes and fabrics is frequently complimented. Customers say the clothes are well-made with attention to detail in the stitching and construction. The fabrics have good stretch and are comfortable to wear.

    Overall, Hello Molly earns stellar reviews for their excellent customer service, fast shipping, quality clothes, and affordable prices. Customers are very satisfied with their shopping experience.

    Negative Reviews

    Hello Molly reviews are not all positive

    Many customers have complained about issues with the quality and fit of the clothes, shipping delays, and poor customer service.

    The most common complaints in Hello Molly reviews are about sizing and fit. Many customers say the sizes run small and the clothes don’t fit as expected. Some mention that the quality is poor and the fabric feels cheap, with items falling apart after a few wears.

    Shipping is another major complaint in negative Hello Molly reviews. Many customers experienced long delays, sometimes waiting weeks or even months to receive orders. The shipping times are inconsistent, so it’s hard to predict when items will arrive.

    Several negative reviews mention issues with customer service as well. Some customers had problems getting responses from customer support about missing packages, wrong items, or getting refunds issued. The service was described as slow and unhelpful.

    Overall, while some customers have positive experiences, many Hello Molly reviews cite issues with sizing, quality, shipping delays, and poor customer service as drawbacks. Reading the negative reviews can help set appropriate expectations before ordering.

    Product Quality

    Hello Molly clothing is generally praised for its high-quality fabrics and construction. Many reviews mention the items feeling luxurious, with fabrics that are soft, lightweight, and have nice drape. The clothing appears well-made with sturdy seams, quality stitching, and durable materials.

    Positive reviews describe the fabrics having good thickness and not being see-through. Items hold their shape well and don’t stretch out or pill with wear and washing. Customers say the clothing looks expensive and feels worth the price paid.

    However, some negative reviews complain about poor quality. A few mention items arriving with loose threads, missing buttons, or unfinished hems. Others say fabrics are thinner and cheaper feeling than expected based on photos. There are also complaints of clothes shrinking, fading, or developing holes after a few wears and washes.

    Overall, while some quality issues are reported, most reviews indicate Hello Molly clothing is well-constructed from quality materials. The problems seem to be isolated incidents rather than widespread quality concerns.

    Sizing and Fit

    Hello Molly’s sizing and fit has received mixed reviews online. Many customers have commented that the sizing runs small, with the clothes fitting tighter and smaller than expected. For example, some mention having to size up 1-2 sizes to get pieces to fit properly.

    However, other customers report the sizing to be accurate or running slightly large. There are reviews stating the clothes fit as expected or are more generous in size than comparable brands.

    The fit of Hello Molly clothes also receives varied feedback. Some find the clothes to be very flattering, with one customer saying a dress fit “like it was made for my body.” Others describe the fit as awkward or ill-fitting, with comments about strange proportions or poor construction.

    Overall, sizing and fit seems to be inconsistent, with the clothes fitting differently depending on the specific item. While some pieces receive praise for flattering silhouettes, others are criticized for limited sizing options and irregular fit. Checking size charts and reviews carefully may help determine appropriate sizing when ordering.

    Hello Molly reviews – Shipping and Delivery

    Shipping and delivery is a key aspect that customers evaluate in their Hello Molly reviews. Most reviews indicate the company ships products quickly, with many receiving items within 3-7 business days. The packaging is also frequently praised for being high-quality, with items arriving intact and undamaged.

    Positive reviews highlight the fast and reliable shipping from Hello Molly. Many mention their orders arrived sooner than the estimated delivery date, especially for customers in the US. The packaging is described as “secure” and “sturdy” by satisfied shoppers. Items are neatly wrapped and protected inside the box.

    However, some negative reviews complain about delayed shipping times, with a few waiting over 2 weeks to receive their order. The shipping costs are also criticized by certain customers for being unreasonably high, particularly for international delivery. A handful of reviews mention receiving damaged items due to insufficient packaging, though this seems less common.

    Overall, most Hello Molly reviews are pleased with the shipping process and quality packaging. The company seems to ship orders fairly quickly in many cases, though a small number of customers experienced slower delivery times. While packaging is sufficient for most, there are isolated complaints about items arriving damaged.

    Customer Service

    Hello Molly reviews often mention customer service as a key factor in the overall shopping experience. Analyzing reviews shows a mix of positive and negative feedback on their customer support.

    On the positive side, many reviews praise Hello Molly’s responsive and helpful customer service representatives. Customers mention friendly staff that are quick to respond to questions and concerns via email or live chat. Some note receiving prompt resolutions for issues like shipping delays, incorrect items, or returns. Satisfied customers describe the customer service team as accommodating, polite, and willing to go above and beyond.

    However, other Hello Molly reviews cite poor experiences with unhelpful or slow customer service. Some disappointed shoppers faced long wait times for email responses up to a week or more. Others had representatives unwilling to address problems or provide acceptable solutions. Issues mentioned include difficulties getting exchanges/refunds approved, lack of follow-up, and unclear return policies. Negative reviews advise checking return policies carefully before purchasing.

    Overall, Hello Molly customer service feedback seems split. While some enjoy exceptional service, others encounter unresponsive staff or confusing policies. Checking recent reviews can help set expectations before shopping. Tracking service over time shows if Hello Molly is improving support across the board.

    Prices and Value

    Hello Molly reviews often mention the brand’s prices and value for money. There are differing opinions on whether the clothes are reasonably priced or overpriced.

    Many positive reviews say the quality is good for the price. Customers feel they get designer-quality clothes for an affordable cost compared to high-end brands. The styles are considered fashionable and on-trend. Reviews say Hello Molly is “cheaper than going to the mall” and has “cute clothes without the crazy price tags.”

    However, other reviews argue the prices are too high for what you get. Some feel the quality does not justify the cost and compare the brand unfavorably to stores like Zara and H&M. They say you can get clothes of equal or better quality for less money elsewhere. One review complains the clothes are “way overpriced for what it’s worth.”

    On balance, Hello Molly seems to offer stylish and trendy clothing at mid-range prices. While not the cheapest fast fashion, most customers appear satisfied with the value compared to the fashion and quality. But there are some dissenting opinions from shoppers who expect more for the prices charged.

    Website Experience

    Hello Molly’s website experience receives mixed reviews online. Many customers find the website clean, easy to navigate, and appreciate the detailed product photos and descriptions. However, some complaints about the website include:

    • Difficulty finding sizes and measurements. Some reviewers say size charts are not readily available or consistent across products, making it hard to determine proper sizing.
    • Issues with filtering. Some note problems filtering by size, color, or other attributes when shopping. This makes it tedious to browse products.
    • Lack of customer reviews. Unlike many fashion sites today, Hello Molly does not have customer reviews on product pages. This means shoppers cannot see feedback from other buyers.
    • Occasional glitches. Some mention bugs like items disappearing from the cart or pages freezing while browsing. However, these seem like isolated incidents.
    • Confusing return process. The returns page is convoluted according to some reviews. It can be unclear how to start a return/exchange.

    Overall, the website seems modern and easy to use for most. But there’s room for improvement regarding sizing info, filtering, and streamlining the returns process based on customer feedback. More shopper reviews on products could also enhance the buying experience.


    After reviewing Hello Molly feedback online, several key themes emerge. Overall, the reviews are quite positive, with most customers praising the quality and style of the clothes. The most common compliments focus on the trendy, fashionable nature of the items and how they fit the latest styles.

    There are some complaints about sizing running small and items not always matching the photos. However, this seems to be the minority of experiences. The customer service receives high marks for being responsive and fixing any issues. While the prices are seen as relatively high, most agree the clothes are worth it for the design and fabrics.

    In summary, Hello Molly earns strong recommendations from customers for their selection of stylish, on-trend women’s fashion. The few sizing and quality control issues appear manageable. As long as you carefully check sizing charts and photos, you should find plenty of cute, fashion-forward options you’ll love wearing. For shoppers wanting the latest trends and styles, Hello Molly is worth checking out.

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