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    PatPat Reviews

    PatPat is an online children’s clothing retailer that has been rising in popularity in recent years. The company sells affordable and stylish clothes for kids in a wide variety of prints and styles.

    PatPat was founded in 2014 and has since expanded worldwide, now shipping to over 100 countries. They are known for their vast selection of unique and whimsical designs at budget-friendly prices. Much of their success can be attributed to cultivating relationships with independent designers from around the world to offer exclusive prints and styles. This allows them to provide a diverse range of clothing that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Reputation of PatPat

    PatPat has received a high volume of reviews online, with over 44,000 reviews on their website and thousands more across third-party review sites. The overall sentiment of PatPat reviews is quite positive, with the majority of customers satisfied with their shopping experience.

    On PatPat’s website, the average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Positive reviews frequently mention the cute, stylish designs of clothing and home goods. Customers like that PatPat offers trendy styles at affordable prices compared to major brands. Many parents appreciate the wide variety of family matching outfits.

    The most common complaints in critical PatPat reviews are around sizing accuracy and shipping times. Some customers find the size charts to be inconsistent, with items running small or large. PatPat ships most orders from China, so delivery times can be slow, ranging from 2-6 weeks. A few reviews mention issues with incorrect or damaged items.

    PatPat’s customer service receives positive marks in reviews when problems do arise. Representatives are responsive in resolving sizing exchanges, refunds, and other issues. The general feedback is PatPat provides good quality and value for budget-friendly kids, women’s, and home fashions.

    Product Quality Feedback

    PatPat is known for its cute and affordable kids and baby clothes, but how does the quality actually stack up according to reviews? When it comes to fabric quality, most customers seem reasonably satisfied, especially considering PatPat’s low prices. The fabrics are described as soft and comfortable, yet lightweight and somewhat thin. This makes the clothes great for layering and daily play, though some question their durability for rough and tumble kids.

    The construction quality gets more mixed feedback, with some customers noting loose threads, uneven hems, or pieces that weren’t fully sewn together. There are also complaints about screenprinted designs cracking or fading after a few washes. So while the clothes look cute, some say the construction feels rushed or low quality.

    When it comes to sizing accuracy, reviews are very divided. Some find the sizing true to measurements, but many more warn to size up because the items run small. There are also complaints that there is inconsistency between items, so sizing up doesn’t always work. Many reviews advise ordering multiple sizes just in case.

    Overall, most customers feel PatPat’s quality is decent for the low prices, but not on par with higher-end brands. The clothes may not hold up over years of hand-me-downs, but they’re cute, soft everyday basics for an affordable price. Just be wary of sizing inconsistencies and double check construction on intricate pieces. PatPat offers cute style at budget prices, but some sacrifices in durability and manufacturing precision are to be expected.

    Style and Design Feedback

    PatPat is known for its cute, stylish, and unique clothing designs for babies, toddlers, and kids. One of the most commonly mentioned positives in PatPat reviews is the variety and uniqueness of the prints and patterns they offer. They have a huge selection of fun, creative prints from animals, to food, to vehicles and more. Many parents love dressing their kids in the cute, imaginative designs.

    The “cuteness factor” is a major draw for PatPat’s products. Reviews often rave about how adorable the outfits look on kids. The colors, prints, and styling really appeal to the toddler and baby demographic. Parents report putting their kids in PatPat clothes just to watch them light up when they see themselves in the mirror. The clothes add a sense of whimsy and fun to little kids’ days.

    When it comes to fit, most PatPat reviews indicate the sizing runs true-to-size for the stated age ranges. Some parents note the clothes seem to run a little large/long for smaller babies. For toddlers and older kids, the fit feedback is generally positive. The quality of materials and construction means the clothes hold their shape well and can withstand active play. Many parents love PatPat for baby shower gifts or special occasion outfits that look great in photos. The cute styling and reliable sizing make it a popular choice for those memorable early years.

    PatPat Reviews: Shipping and Delivery Feedback

    When buying clothes online, shipping and delivery can make or break the shopping experience. Here’s what PatPat customers have to say about shipping costs, speed, packaging, damages, and the returns process:

    PatPat offers free shipping on orders over $49, which reviewers say is reasonable compared to other clothing sites. Standard shipping takes 7-15 business days. Many note that items arrive on the faster end of that estimate, especially for US customers. The packaging is simple but effective, with clothes wrapped in plastic bags inside a cardboard box.

    A common complaint is that the shipping status tracking isn’t very accurate or transparent. Some customers receive packages before the tracking updates to delivered. Others experience long delays between scans, creating anxiety over lost packages. However, most items do eventually arrive.

    In terms of condition, there are some reports of items arriving with defects like missing buttons, incorrect sizes, or colors that don’t match the pictures. Occasional damage during shipping also occurs. PatPat’s customer service team is quite responsive about providing refunds or replacements for unsatisfactory items. They provide prepaid return labels and refund the original shipping fee too.

    The returns and exchanges process is straightforward. Customers appreciate the 30 day window to initiate returns. One downside is having to wait for replacements to ship from China again. So quality issues drag out the overall time to get the desired items.

    Overall, PatPat delivers orders reasonably quickly given the international shipping. More transparent tracking would improve the experience. While occasional mishaps occur, their customer service resolves problems satisfactorily. Reviewers say the prices and selection make it worth the longer shipping times.

    Customer Service Feedback

    PatPat’s customer service receives positive feedback in most PatPat reviews. Customers find the reps to be responsive, helpful, and friendly when handling any issues or concerns.

    Many reviewers highlight PatPat’s excellent communication and quick resolution of problems. The reps are praised for being polite and patient when assisting customers. If items arrive damaged or incorrect, PatPat swiftly sends replacements or refunds the order.

    The main complaint about customer service is the lack of phone support. PatPat currently only offers email and chat options, which some customers find inconvenient. However, most issues can be resolved through their responsive chat agents.

    Overall, PatPat customers report very positive experiences with customer service in PatPat reviews. The reps are willing to help fix any mistakes and make the ordering process smooth. Their friendliness and commitment to customer satisfaction shine through.

    Website and Shopping Experience

    PatPat’s website offers a smooth shopping experience for parents looking for affordable children’s clothing. The site is well-organized into categories like “Girls,” “Boys,” “New Arrivals,” and “Sale” making it easy to browse items.

    The search function works well to find specific styles or items you have in mind. Just type a keyword like “dress” or “t-shirt” to pull up relevant products. The filters allow you to refine by size, color, price and more.

    Most customers find the PatPat website intuitive and easy to navigate. Reviews praise the browsing and search functions for making it simple to discover new styles for their kids. The items are displayed with clear images so customers can get a good sense of each product before purchasing.

    The ordering process is straightforward with typical ecommerce checkout steps. Shoppers select their sizes and quantities then go through account creation, shipping, and payment details. The site offers guest checkout for those who prefer not to create an account.

    Overall the website offers a smooth, convenient shopping experience for parents. The combination of affordable prices and an easy-to-use interface likely contributes to PatPat’s growing popularity among parents.

    PatPat Reviews – Value Feedback

    PatPat shoppers often comment on the value of the products in their reviews. As an affordable kids clothing brand, PatPat aims to provide good quality items at budget-friendly prices. Many reviewers mention specific sales and coupon codes that helped them save money on their purchases. There is frequent feedback on whether items were “worth the money” paid.

    Overall, most PatPat reviews indicate the products are a good value compared to similar items from competitors. The prices are low, especially when stacking coupons and sales. For example, one shopper said “With the coupon codes and sales, I was able to get 4 dresses for only $35 total – amazing deal!” Another wrote “Better quality than I expected for the price, very happy with this purchase.”

    Some negative value feedback includes reviewers who felt the quality did not match the low prices. One user complained “The fabric was too thin and ripped the first time my daughter wore it. Not worth what I paid.” However, most reviews mention pleasant surprises with the quality at affordable prices. Many parents and gift-givers appreciate the ability to buy multiple items for kids without spending too much. The value offered by PatPat seems to exceed that of other fast fashion kids brands.

    Sizing and Fit Feedback

    When ordering clothes online, getting the sizing right can be tricky. Many PatPat reviews look closely at whether the size charts are accurate and if the fit is consistent across styles and sizes.

    Overall, PatPat seems to do reasonably well on sizing, especially considering their clothes are sourced from many different manufacturers. However, some reviews note inconsistencies, with certain items running large or small.

    Compared to fast fashion brands, PatPat’s sizing skews slightly larger. Their clothes are designed to have a comfortable, loose fit rather than a tight, body-hugging style. Many customers recommend sizing down, especially for tops and dresses.

    For pants and leggings, the sizing and fit is less consistent. Some reviewers say the waistbands are too tight while others find them too loose. The quality of elastic and stretch also varies.

    When it comes to kids clothes, PatPat’s size charts are fairly accurate. However, some parents say the clothes seem to “shrink” after the first wash, so sizing up is advised.

    Overall, checking the size charts and reviews before ordering can help get the best fit. Allowing some room for variation seems wise. For a more tailored look, consider sizing down, especially on tops and dresses.

    Conclusion and Recommendations on PatPat Reviews

    Overall, the sentiment expressed in PatPat reviews is quite positive. Most customers seem happy with their purchases and recommend shopping on PatPat. Here’s a summary of the key pros and cons:


    • Cute, stylish clothes and accessories at affordable prices
    • Large selection for babies, kids, women, and some men’s items
    • Items often match the pictures and descriptions
    • Fast shipping and good customer service


    • Some quality issues like loose threads, inaccurate sizing, or items not matching pictures
    • Shipping costs and return process could be improved
    • Sizing runs small, so size up for a better fit

    PatPat is best suited for parents seeking trendy outfits for kids and babies without breaking the bank. The affordable prices offset some of the quality concerns. Customers looking for high-end, luxury kidswear may want to shop elsewhere. But overall, PatPat offers a fun shopping experience with lots of cute finds. Just be sure to read sizing charts and reviews before ordering. With reasonable expectations, most customers enjoy their PatPat purchases.

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