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Founding Story and Mission

PatPat was founded in 2014 by two engineer dads, Albert Wang and Ken Gao, in Mountain View, California. As fathers, Wang and Gao struggled to find unique, high-quality, and affordable clothing options for their own children. This inspired them to launch PatPat with the mission of providing better clothing choices for kids worldwide.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, PatPat got its start when Wang and Gao leveraged their engineering backgrounds to build an innovative company and platform from the ground up. Their own experiences as parents trying to dress their kids uniquely yet practically served as the motivation behind the brand. By founding PatPat, Wang and Gao aimed to give children everywhere access to stylish clothes that parents love.

Innovative Business Model

PatPat utilizes innovative supply chain practices to deliver quality children’s apparel at affordable prices for families worldwide. By partnering directly with manufacturers and selling directly to consumers, PatPat eliminates the traditional retail markups of wholesale and brick-and-mortar stores. This direct business model allows PatPat to offer the same high-quality styles found in boutiques and department stores, but at a fraction of the price.

Rather than producing clothing in bulk quantities and hoping it sells, PatPat uses real-time data and customer demand to produce customized batches in smaller quantities. This results in less waste and overhead. The savings are then passed onto customers, making PatPat’s thousands of cute, stylish outfits accessible to parents across the globe. Parents can dress their kids in fun, trendy clothes without paying premium prices.

By leveraging technology and innovation to streamline operations, PatPat provides quality children’s clothing at affordable prices to customers in over 140 countries. Their efficient business model eliminates traditional retail markups and makes unique styles accessible to families worldwide.

Global Reach

With a global customer base, PatPat has become one of the most widely accessible children’s clothing retailers worldwide. The company ships its products to over 140 countries, enabling parents around the world to dress their kids in PatPat’s signature colorful, comfortable styles.

This extensive global reach is a testament to the brand’s universal appeal. PatPat has cultivated a diverse community of over 21 million customers who appreciate the quality, affordability, and whimsical nature of its catalog. Families everywhere want to see their children smiling in fun, creative outfits. By making its products available across continents, PatPat fulfills this demand for parents and kids seeking to express their style, personality, and spirit through fashion.

Diverse Product Offerings

PatPat offers an incredibly diverse range of over 30,000 children’s clothing styles to suit any occasion or need. One of their most popular lines is Go-Glow, which features illuminating apparel perfect for parties, festivals, or just adding some fun to everyday wear. For matching sibling or family looks, they offer coordinating MiniSets and Matching Outfits designed to create heartwarming moments.

Parents concerned about sustainability will appreciate their Naia Collection made from soft, organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials. No matter your child’s size, gender, or style, PatPat likely has the perfect outfit at an affordable price. Their vast catalog allows customers worldwide to access unique designs not easily found at typical retailers. Between their whimsical patterns, licensed characters, and trendy options, PatPat delivers clothing that helps kids of all ages show off their individuality.

Awards and Recognition

PatPat has received notable awards and recognition for its high-quality children’s apparel and commitment to customers.

In 2023, PatPat won the Gold Award from Parents’ Picks Awards. This prestigious award recognizes the top products for families as voted by parents themselves. Winning the Gold Award demonstrates PatPat’s ability to consistently meet the needs of modern parents and families.

Additionally, PatPat is a NAPPA Award winner. The National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA) program is the industry standard for evaluating the best products for families. All NAPPA winners are rigorously tested by parent and child evaluators across the country. The NAPPA award confirms that PatPat offers thoughtfully designed products that bring joy and value to families worldwide.

Earning these honors highlights PatPat’s focus on delivering exceptional products to its customers. The company strives to provide high-quality, innovative children’s clothing at affordable prices to parents across the globe. These awards validate PatPat’s success in becoming a beloved and trusted brand for families.

Customer Satisfaction

PatPat has earned the trust and satisfaction of over 21 million customers around the world. This is evident by their impressive 4.5 Trustpilot TrustScore based on 32,470+ reviews. Parents continually rave about the amazing quality, value, and service they receive from PatPat.

The customer-centric approach shines through at every touchpoint. PatPat listens closely to parent feedback and strives to exceed expectations. Reviews highlight the cute, comfortable styles that bring smiles to the whole family. Customers also appreciate the fast shipping, easy returns, and excellent customer service.

It’s clear that PatPat has built a highly satisfied global customer base. The overwhelming positive response across reviews and social media reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering an exceptional experience. For quality kids’ fashion that delights both parents and children alike, PatPat is a top choice trusted by millions.


PatPat has established partnerships with over 10,000 influencers worldwide. These collaborations allow the brand to showcase its products to new audiences and reach potential customers through popular social media personalities.

The influencers produce sponsored content highlighting PatPat’s apparel and accessories on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Their authentic recommendations and modeling of the clothes provides social proof of the quality and style of PatPat’s offerings. The brand carefully vets each influencer to ensure they genuinely love the products and share the same commitment to high standards.

PatPat’s expansive network of influencer partners gives the company an amplified global marketing presence. Their creative content generates greater brand awareness and drives traffic and sales. The collaborations also allow PatPat to gain insights into trends and customer preferences to inform product development and better serve its audience. Overall, these mutually beneficial influencer relationships are a strategic advantage for PatPat, helping the brand connect with millions of followers worldwide.

Social Media Presence

PatPat has made a major splash on social media, accumulating over 60 billion views of their content across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. They partner with influencers and run creative campaigns to spread awareness of their products. Videos showcasing cute kids modeling PatPat outfits routinely go viral.

The brand has leveraged social media to rapidly grow its international customer base. By sharing user-generated content and running giveaways and contests, PatPat keeps fans engaged on social media. The company has successfully built an online community centered around its mission of making quality children’s fashion accessible for families worldwide.

With over 60 billion views and counting, it’s clear that PatPat’s social media marketing strategy is working. Their content resonates with parents and caregivers seeking stylish, affordable outfits for kids. Social media enables PatPat to connect with customers across borders and drive impressive growth.


PatPat utilizes innovative digital marketing campaigns to connect with customers around the world. They partner with social media influencers and content creators to showcase their products in an authentic way. Through engaging video ads and social media posts, PatPat builds brand awareness and fosters a sense of community.

The brand also leverages data-driven paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach relevant audiences. By optimizing ads for conversion, PatPat drives sales growth in a measurable way. Email marketing allows them to build loyalty with existing customers through personalized recommendations and exclusive deals.

Overall, PatPat’s multi-channel digital marketing strategy enables the brand to acquire new customers and nurture relationships in a scalable yet targeted manner. Their campaigns highlight the joy of dressing kids in stylish outfits while making shopping easy and accessible for parents globally. The data-driven approach ensures marketing spend is optimized for performance. Innovative digital marketing has been key to PatPat’s rapid global expansion.

The PatPat Difference

PatPat has set itself apart as a global leader in children’s apparel through its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Unlike traditional retailers, PatPat utilizes an innovative supply chain to offer over 30,000 unique styles at affordable prices to its 21 million+ customers across 140+ countries.

Rather than relying on retail markups, PatPat ships directly from its suppliers to provide better value. This direct business model allows the company to pass significant savings to families seeking cute, comfortable clothes for kids.

Since its founding by two engineer dads in 2014, PatPat has prioritized its mission to deliver better options for all children. The company’s founders were unsatisfied with the limited styles available for their own kids, sparking the idea for PatPat.

Today, PatPat has stayed true to its founding mission by offering inclusive sizing, empowering designs, and thoughtful details in every piece. The brand’s collections showcase diversity and promote confidence in kids of all ages.

With 21 million satisfied customers globally and over 32,000 glowing Trustpilot reviews, PatPat has become a beloved and trusted source for children’s fashion worldwide. The company continues to innovate and expand its offerings, recently introducing sustainable styles made of soft, organic materials.

As an award-winning brand recognized by Parents Magazine and NAPPA, PatPat has solidified itself as a leader committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction from head to toe. Its accessible pricing, standout designs, and focus on joyful dressing makes PatPat a top choice for families seeking special outfits for all of life’s memorable moments.